Special Christmas PiYo class tonight!!

Tonight is our last PiYo class before Christmas and I thought we’d do something special!  We’re going to turn down the lights, slow everything down, and take advantage of this time on our mats to catch our breath and relax!! We’ll end with an extended relaxation to help us recharge and be ready for all the holiday fun and craziness.  See you tonight!! 6:35-7:30 p.m. at Emporia Fitness.

Best of PiYo 2013

Starting TONIGHT we’ll be doing the Best of PiYo 2013!!  Bringing in the best parts of all the routines we did this year!  We’ll finish the year with this great mix of routines.  Now I know as we get closer to the holidays we’re all getting busy BUT make sure you make time to take care of yourself.  Don’t let your exercise routine fall to the side.  Make a commitment to keep going so you can start the new year strong, happy, and healthy!! 

See you at class, 6:35-7:30 at Emporia Fitness

No PiYo Tonight

There will be NO PiYo tonight, I’m sick :(  And remember no PiYo Wednesday either because of Thanksgiving.   Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see you all next week!!

Challenge Yourself!

After Insanity this morning I did my forearm plank for the November challenge and practiced a supported headstand. What are you doing to challenge you’re today??

Plank Challenge!!

Ok girls I was serious about having a forearm plank challenge this month! Forearm planks are a great exercise for strengthen your abs, your back and even your upper body.

SO the challenge is to do a plank everyday for the month of November, yes even Thanksgiving, do it while the turkey is in the oven! :)  You decide how long you want to hold the plank, try to hold it a little longer each day.

Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered into a drawing for a PRIZE at the end of the month.  Download the Plankvember (ha!) calendar below to track your daily plank times.

Plankvember 2013 Calendar

OK who’s with me?? We CAN do this!!

Sharing the yoga love

Got to share yoga with some great ladies today!! Thank you girls for joining me!! :)  I love yoga and love what it can do for me both physically and mentally so I was thrilled to get to share it! :)


Snack time! Did you know that a recent study showed that eating an apple a day for four weeks can lower your “bad” cholesterol by as much as 40 percent? How cool is that?? Granny Smiths are my favorite apple, what’s yours?

New Month, New Routine!

Who’s ready for a new PiYo Strength routine?? Starting PiYo lesson 29 TONIGHT at Emporia Fitness. Going to challenge ourselves, build strength, burn calories and SWEAT!! See you there 6:35-7:30 p.m.

NEW PiYo Routine!!

Ready for a new routine?? We’ll be starting one tonight at Emporia Fitness!! I’ve put together some of my favorite parts from some of our old PiYo Strength routines to make a FUN class that is going to make us SWEAT!! 

This is the PERFECT time to come if you haven’t been to class in awhile (or ever!)  I’ll be breaking down and demonstrating the moves and showing modifications. 

Class is 6:35-7:30 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays.

New Routine Tomorrow!!

NEW PiYo Strength routine starting tomorrow!! Going to be starting PiYo Strength 28.  Bowler’s lunges, connector squats, sumo squats, and a FEW push-ups :P We’re going to be working hard but as always there will be plenty modifications so you can make the workout perfect for you!!

See you at class!!


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