Why I Love PiYo #2

I went to my first PiYo class just over a year ago. I had been attending classes at the gym and found a comfort there as opposed to dvds at home. A friend talked me into going with her and I instantly fell in love with PiYo. The next day and even now, I find myself more sore after PiYo than any other classes including Insanity. PiYo forces me to stretch muscles I didn’t know I had and move in ways I never thought possible. I started out much heavier and had to modify many of the moves and found that PiYo created a safe space for me to do that. The class truly is for anyone who is looking to take care of their body by strengthening and stretching. It’s hard to explain to people what PiYo is until you come to a class and see for yourself. I especially love PiYo because of the class with this particular instructor and the girls I am getting to know who come on a regular basis. Carrie takes the time to break down the moves, show modifications, and make sure everyone feels comfortable about what we’re doing. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and have continued to attend PiYo. I modify most everything and do what I can. I know without a doubt it’s because of these kinds of classes why I have no aches or pains and am feeling amazing in my pregnancy. I plan to keep going to PiYo until baby girl comes and then can’t wait to be cleared to go back and do some of the moves they are doing right now like the sweep through and flip over!” – Stacie

Thank you for sharing Stacie!!


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